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Genuine Sounds makes services available to the entertainment industry by offering audio production and final editing, as well as mastering and technical support for tv & radio stations or music labels like Studio K7, MFS, Universal, Sony and Ministry of Sound.

Being part of the music scene in Berlin and the island Ibiza for over a decade makes us and our global network of

producers and performers the perfect partner when it comes to present-day & future-trend production for any

campaign, business or artist.



  • film, documentary, advertising, tv

  • event opener, vocal, speech, audio book

  • art project, gallery, exhibition

  • adaption of a classic, remix, sound-alike composition

  • sound logo, branded music & songs

  • conceptual soundscapes and playlist design

  • multichannel recording, mixdowns

  • mediation, yoga, spirit, functional, healthcare

  • mentoring, supervising, tutorial

 Movie - Film - Trailer - Online - Advertising
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